Dr. Krishna Dan

Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science

Jadavpur, Kolkata-700032, India

Email: kdan19@gmail.com


Date of Birth: 15-September, 1985; Female

Nationality: Indian

Education and Professional Career

  • Postdoctoral Fellow (2014 - till date): Department of Chemistry, University of Chicago, Illionois, USA. (Advisor: Professor Yamuna Krishnan)
  • Ph.D. (2014): Polymer Science Unit, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata, India. (Advisor: Dr. S. Ghosh.)
  • M.S. (Chemistry) (2008): Bengal Engineering and Science Universiy, Shibpur, Howrah, India. (marks obtained: 62%)
  • B. Sc. (Chemistry) (2006): Netaji Mahavidayala, The University of Burdwan, India (marks obtained: 60%)

Research Area

  • Syntehsis of monomer via multistep organic synthesis and characterization by NMR, IR and Mass spectroscopy.
  • Synthesis of polymer by controlled way via Reversible Addition- fragmentation Chain Transfer Polymerization (RAFT), Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization (ATRP) and Ring Opening Polymerization (ROMP) and also step growth routes.
  • Aggregation study of the amphiphilic polymers by various spectroscopic (UV-Visible, Fluorescence, Dynamic Light scattering etc) and Microscopic (TEM, SEM) tools.
  • Synthesis of stimuli responsive amphiphilic polymer, their aggregation and disassembly studies in presence of external stimuli.


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Fellowship and Award

  • Best poster award, Symposium on polymer science 2011, IISER Kolkata, 10th December 2011.
  • Qualified for National Eligibility Test (CSIR).